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I. Objective/Purpose

With the growth of “from home” shopping, it is more important than ever to understand how this information is captured in our syndicated data. In order to gain a better understanding of how this data is collected, RDD discussed the issue with IRI to gain more clarity. In addition, RDD tested available resources (IRI, PPI and Shipment data) to help confirm the results.

II. Findings

It is up to each individual retailer whether or not to include their “from home” data when they share their information with IRI. In the cases where the “from home” data is provided, the information is not broken out separately, but is included in that retailers respective RMA, as well as their CRMA. In the cases where “from home” data is not provided to IRI, there is no projection involved to include this element, be it in the retailer’s RMA or CRMA.

III. Retailers Who Include “From Home” Data in Their RMA/CRMA

There are currently only two retailers who are including the “from home” element in the data they provide to IRI:

  • Wakefern/ShopRite
  • Kroger/Harris Teeter

An internal data check (along with a conversation with Wakefern) verified that the “ShopRite from Home” data is indeed included in IRI’s Wakefern RMA. This would include sales for both pick-up and home delivery. Please keep in mind that all sales and trends utilizing this RMA will include this element. Please also note, the ability to separate any “from home” versus “in-store” sales, can only be done via ShopRite’s PPI, specifically for our vendors who purchase this system.

In contrast, Peapod’s sales are not captured by IRI and are not currently included in any Ahold/Delhaize RMA’s or CRMA’s.

IV. Next Steps/Follow-Up

RDD will continue to work with IRI and keep our team informed of any reporting changes in the future.




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