Associate Experience


In a commercial world characterized by serial change, constant moving parts and players, competitive uncertainty and everything seemingly “going virtual,” the last thing a trading partner needs to further complicate business is an unstable or ever-changing sales agency partner.  “Fresh” is always a highly desirable attribute for perishable products, but for sales agency facilitation, striking the right balance among experience, continuity and fresh thinking is what you value in an agency partner.

RDD’s exemplary professional staff, to include Leadership, Business Management, Retail Merchandising and Support Services, have unparalleled perishables industry experience and New York Metro marketplace service continuity.  We take great pride in our long-standing, respectful and trusted relationships with every significant retail and wholesale entity.  With our entrepreneurial instincts and a true passion for innovating breakthrough business solutions, we work diligently to keep our relationships fresh, progressive and reliable.

RDD Associates… Perishables Expertly Merchandised by Experienced Professionals!

Rdd Associate Tenure