POS Merchandising


RDD’S retail merchandising services philosophy is unambiguous and value-added. We support our client manufacturer brands with “perishables-exclusive” merchandising that is DRIVEN to WIN the 1st moment of truth at the point-of-sale. 

We’re laser-focused on the fundamentals that deliver superior results:
♦ “D” – build & sustain DISTRIBUTION;
♦ “R” – Product ROTATION to minimize shrink;
♦ “I” –  Gather and communicate brand, competitor & retail conditions INTELLIGENCE;
♦ “V” – Maximize VISIBILITY by securing secondary displays and placing POS;
♦ “E” – ENGAGE key store, supervisory & owner group personnel; and
♦ “N” – Speed-to-shelf excellence for NEW ITEMS

Experience the RDD retail merchandising difference!