Customer Services


In the mid-1990’s the CPG and supermarket industries envisioned a world of greater trading partner collaboration, seamless electronic communications and just-in-time product replenishment.  Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) did lay the ground work for an era of progress, helping to deliver greater financial efficiencies and an improved functionally streamlined operating environment.

Yet, in their quest to maximize ECR-related cost reductions through service centralization and off-shoring, some sales agencies seem to have forgotten one of the most basic, yet vital brokerage services: getting the PURCHASE ORDERS RIGHT AND DELIVERED!  And, the importance of this critical function is naturally magnified with perishable products: short sell-by dates, frequent LTL orders, multiple sourcing facilities and limited inventories among channel players, just to name several contributing factors.

Reliable sales forecasting, timely and accurate replenishment and promotional ordering, and continuous logistical tracking and customer advisement are services you should expect from your perishables-focused sales agency.

At RDD we continue to invest in the latest product replenishment technologies to facilitate efficient customer services. But, the RDD difference is our unwavering investment in seasoned, local, ” IN-SOURCED” professionals who deliver a truly superior customer service experience.