Smarter-Bolder-Stronger 2014


There are three exciting components of RDD’s 2014 SMARTER-BOLDER-STRONGER strategy:

1) RDD Associate Learning Academy,

2) RDD Managers-in-Development Program and

3) P5LANS by RDD Business Management Roadmap & Business Review.

The RDD Associate Learning Academy is a comprehensive, enterprise-wide training and education initiative to support associate development and best-practice knowledge sharing.  The Academy offers over 40 education and training classes covering foundational skills, business processes, technology-enabled systems and shopper marketing strategies. 

RDD’s Managers-in-Development Program fuels enterprise sustainability through career development planning, managerial and leadership training, and builds critical experience for our next generation of RDD leaders. 

P5PLANS by RDD is our exclusive approach towards client business management planning and execution, with insightful and actionable customer business reviews. 

The future is looking bright at RDD with these new leadership strategies channeling the efforts of our valued associates to exceed trading-partner expectations and build momentum for future enterprise success!  

RDD Learning Academy