May 242017

Among the well-deserved honorees at this year’s Friends of the Food Industry reception was RDD’s very own Tom Halley.  Tom was joined here by his loyal and loving wife, Shelley at the award ceremony.  Dennis Hickey, EVP-Merchandising at Krasdale, delivered a glowing endorsement of Tom and his professional contributions to the local food industry.  Tom has been important contributor to RDD’s success, with 16 years of service as a Senior Account Manager, but it’s his uncanny ability to adapt to our ever-changing marketplace, his extraordinary steadiness and sensibility to deliver solid results in a chaotic world, and his authenticity and honesty… this is what separates Tom from the pack!  It’s reassuring to know that a “nice guy can win” in business, and Tom’s may just be the nicest guy in the industry!

Tom and Shelley have two daughters, and one grandson, and they reside in Lake Hopatcong, NJ.  He’s a graduate of Ramapo College of New Jersey.  Prior to RDD, Tom has worked his “selling magic” for some of the best organizations in the region, to include: Nestle, the Sayre’s Company, the Boerner Company and Marketing Specialists.  And, Tom has successfully sold and serviced just about every account in the market… From the largest to the smallest, he treats every customer with respect, dignity and unwavering service.  And although an incredibly humble person, Tom delights in the success of the client-customer partnerships he facilitates.

Therefore, it’s our delight and privilege to celebrate Tom’s recognition as the 2017 Friends of the Food Industry Lifetime Achievement Award winner.  Congratulations Tom!

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