Sep 252013

The RDD team’s enthusiasm, pride, and merchandising creativity were evident at the A&P’s Holiday Merchandising Show, held September 18th & 19th at the Meadowlands Convention Center.  RDD’s client booths were artfully decorated to align with the holiday merchandising theme – focusing on seasonal merchandise and display solutions.  We received solidly positive feedback from A&P executive management for a job well done. The following RDD Associates worked tirelessly to bring this show to life:

Art Sacher     Neil Weinstein     Karen Valentine     Nicole Saft      Theresa Smith     Deb Saft 
Arcenio Castillo     Angela Tejeda     Tom Halley     Debbie Kultzow     Barbara Scallion
Donna McNerney     Jerry Heller      Jerry Appaluccio     Jason Morrisson     Mike Huberfeld   
Kathy Sweeney     Mary Damato      Alan Reiter      Jim Regan      Dave McDermott    
Joel Witel     Bob Bollbach   Jim Daly

a&p show

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