Sep 092013

It’s with genuine pride, humility and gratitude that I’m pleased to inform you that RDD Associates LLC will be celebrating our 15th anniversary this November, 2013, as New York Metro’s home-grown food brokerage/sales agency.  The collective energy and effort of our RDD team, today numbering over 100 associates, has fueled this remarkable accomplishment.  Our solid and secure organizational foundation, our track record of portfolio expansion and sales growth, and our reputation and recognition for fielding the marketplace’s premier perishables-focused service proposition could not have been achieved without your unwavering support and boundless encouragement.  THANK YOU!

 Many members of our team recently attended the annual RDD Management Retreat, and were exposed to a broad portfolio of new initiatives and progressive sales and marketing programs that the company is currently investing in to ensure continuity of our sales agency leadership in perishables.  Our retreat theme, “Changing times…unsettled markets…new business demands… an evolving RDD Associates… COUNT ME IN!!!” was well received by the attendees, and captures both the essence of the challenges we face and our unwavering commitment to build on RDD’s heritage of service innovation and trading partner satisfaction.

I’m pleased to share with you three exciting components of our evolving organization…  RDD’s strategic expansion into fresh produce, a new RDD enterprise logo with brand mission statement, and the launch of our new RDD website

Earlier this year RDD expanded our perishables sales and merchandising footprint to include fresh produce.  Retail produce continues to grow as consumers seek healthier diet solutions, and today ranks third in supermarket department sales after dry grocery and meat/seafood.   To lead this initiative, we’ve assembled a terrific team of produce professionals dedicated to providing trading partners best-in-class sales and merchandising services, and we continue to selectively expand our client portfolio of leading suppliers and brands.

RDD_logo_FINAL july 17 2013Last month we introduced the new RDD enterprise logo.  I believe the logo presents the RDD trademark in a professional, concise and impactful format.  “Perishables Expertly Merchandised” clearly states RDD’s mission for our collective service efforts… to be delivered each and every day, to our valued client/brands, and retailer and wholesaler partners.  I also think the logo strikes the appropriate emotional balance between our proud, 15 year Metro New York heritage, and our forward-directed ambitions and energies.  I hope you agree. 

Last but not least, our other exciting news is the re-launch of the RDD website,; several weeks back week we migrated from old to new. An industry leader should look like a leader, and we now have a web presence that I believe accurately and effectively communicates why RDD is widely recognized as the best sales agency among our perishables peer group, and a vital and attractive option to national agency representation. 

Thank you for visiting the site, and we would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

The RDD leadership team tells me there is more growth and innovations to come, so bring them on, and “COUNT ME IN” too!

Thank you again for your continued support and business.

Bob Cignarella
Owner/CEO, RDD Associates

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